Changes to DGV display standards (and yay standards!)

This notice came from DGV (Database of Genomic Variants) while I was on vacation last week, but I wanted to highlight this for a couple of reasons. First–it’s very cool that these groups have now chosen to establish a standard across databases for the representations of the copy-number variation displays.  But I also like that they are now also providing support for the red-green colorblind. As someone from a family of the colorblind, that’s something I like to be able to access.

Here’s the note from the mailing list:

As a result of discussions surrounding the representation of structural variants at the recent ISCA meeting, groups at DGV, NCBI and DECIPHER have decided to standardize colour schemes for gains and losses. Moving forward, deletions/losses will be displayed as red, gains/duplications will be displayed as blue. Regions where both gains and losses occur at the same locus will be represented as brown, and we will continue to represent inversions as purple(indigo). In addition to ensuring the colour schemes are consistent across databases, changes have also been implemented to ensure ease of use for individuals with red-green colour blindness.

And here’s a link to the announcement on their site: Notice of change to DGV display

We’ll be taking a look at our tutorials as these changes roll out, and we’ll be updating them appropriately.

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