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BioGene: iPhone app for NCBI searches from MSKCC team

iphoneI can’t remember how I got on this email list–but I like it :)  Today I was notified that there was a handy iPhone app to quickly get gene info out of the NCBI resources.  I wish I had this last week at the ASHG meeting.  You know what happens: you catch a gene name or see a symbol in a talk, it’s just one of several on a slide…but you must know what that is right now!!  This handy-dandy quick interface will let you search for the symbol and links you to Entrez Gene info, which also links to references in PubMed.

I like it.  I expect to use it.  The first reviewer over in the iTunes store says it has already expanded their conversation.  I wish it also covered OMIM, but I haven’t used it too hard yet, maybe I’ll get there.  That also would have been a help last week.  I was hearing about a disease and I wanted some information.

Check out the MSKCC team page here for more details, and download it from the iTunes store (for free) if you like the sound of it.

BioGene: http://cbio.mskcc.org/tools/iphone_ipodtouch.html

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