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Tip of the Week: Molecular INTeraction Database (MINT)

mint_thumbnail.jpgMINT, the Molecular INTeraction Database, is so much fun to use. I know–there is high-quality curated information from the scientific literature. And that’s the real point. But quite frankly, I just love to examine the protein-protein interactions in the MINT viewer. In this brief (about 3 minutes) exploration of some of the high-level features of MINT I will offer a taste of how fun and informative this resource is.
A team at the University of Rome brings MINT to you. Check it out here: http://mint.bio.uniroma2.it/mint/

But at just a few minutes, we can’t provide the full detail about how to understand the graphics and how to use the site most effectively. We have a full tutorial on MINT that you might want to examine if this is a tool you would want to use on a regular basis.

And for more detail on the background and goals of MINT you should check out their paper. From their abstract:

Over the past few years the number of curated physical interactions has soared to over 95000.

That’s a lot of MINT. If you are like me and the previous owners of your house planted mint, you’ll understand the scope :)

Tip of the week: SMART protein domain analysis

We find that many people are interested in learning more about the domains in their proteins of interest. A great tool to use to examine the domains, their architecture/organization, and their relationships is SMART, the Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool. It is developed and maintained by the Bork lab at EMBL (a source of many great tools). This appetizer movie may get you interested in examining your proteins of interest with the SMART analysis. We show you how to find hundreds of proteins with “transmembrane receptor” domains in about 3 minutes.

We have a complete tutorial on SMART that presents the information in much more detail.