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My NCBI, My Tuesday, My Time-warp.

I don’t know how you start your Tuesdays, but I start mine with literature. And coffee. This morning, though, I wasn’t sure I had enough coffee.

Every Monday evening NCBI runs some searches for me and sends me the results. I have several saved searches set up in the My NCBI system (a lot of alliteration…). I have a search that sends me papers that match keywords such as “bioinformatics” and “distance learning” among others. It is one of the ways I keep up with new resources. I find new genomics resources, and I find papers where people have used resources to analyze the data. Both are important to me.

But today in my results I found a species that I hadn’t heard of before, Pristionchus pacificus. And the title told me that I would learn about the genetics and genomics of this species, so I went to look at the abstract–it is linked right from my email, so I can hop over to NCBI. Continue reading